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Broken and Unreadable, # 162

Bright and Early

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You ever notice that when grunts have to go train and or work with a POG unit the grunt leadership wants you there ass early in the morning, convinced that if you aren't there at zero dark and stupid the POGs will have to wait on you, which is apparently un fucking sat. Of course you get there, wait around for a couple hours, and then the POG leadership rolls up at around 0800 with some golden arches and looks at you like your crazy. Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to start working on POG time when I was TAD from my company

Also, I threw this together quickly after working in a warehouse since dawn, so if the grammar is fucked up you can suck it

Also, the website is still down, I'm trying to figure out what is wrong

However, the store is still up, so if you haven't bought anything yet, get over there.




   Patches :

 grenade patch



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