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A bit about the comic Strip


Broken and Unreadable is a web-comic by me, William Melancon, that highlights the various obsurdities inherit to being a United States Marine. The United States Marine Corps is one of the most, well lets just say unique, organizations on the planet. There is nothing quite like being a Marine, and the things we do on a regular basis would leave most non-marines dumbfounded. The fact that we can function at all, let alone be the best at what we do, is astonishing. Long ago I found that if I got mad at all of this stupidity, I would go crazy. So, I found humour in the retardation, and the world suddenly became a very funny place. This comic is an attempt to bring that humour to the masses.




Today the comic strip continues as a way to help bring publicity to my design company It also exist as an outlet for other Marines and veterans to vent their frustration though humor rather than other self destructive measures such as alcohol or suicide. In a way this sort of comedic therapy is the most important aspect of the strip, with the fact that it is entertaining at he same time being an added bonus.




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